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CIDR Policy

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3. Confronting the triple challenge of efficiency, social performance and governance of partner institutions 

3.1. Increasing institutions’ outreach

CIDR wants to contribute to the efficiency of partner organisations. The objective is to allocate technical and financial resources in a rational way in order to progressively increase the number of beneficiaries without increasing the costs proportionally, and facilitate the financial sustainability of the organisation. CIDR will provide a service of support/counsel in the field of costs reduction (streamlining internal organisation, products and services, etc.) and increase in effectiveness (personnel training, management, etc.).

3.2. Developing social performance monitoring and evaluation practices

The social performance of an institution measures the coherence between its social intentions (its mission) and its actions (methods, services, and tools). CIDR will contribute to good social performance of the institutions it supports by helping them in systematically taking social objectives into account when they prepare their strategic plans. When it comes to implementing these plans, CIDR will make sure that the beneficiaries’ point of view will be sought (for the definition of the services to be provided and to set quality standards). CIDR will also sensitise its partners on their social responsibility toward the beneficiaries, their communities and the institution staff. It will also favour practices of social performance monitoring/evaluation and will advocate for these to be part of the institutions’ regular management procedures. It is convinced that this will contribute to their long-term viability.

3.3. Finding a right balance between governance and management

An institution governance will to a large extent depend upon proper control and upon good monitoring of the orientations set. It is a compound of factors that characterises its effective ownership by the members in the name of whom its integrity and values will be defended. CIDR will accompany these institutions when they will install their governance bodies. It will attract their attention upon the required balance of power and competence between management and governance bodies. If necessary, it will participate in the training of elected board members and managers. It will propose and implement governance/management tools that favour transparency and a good circulation of information flows.

Publié le Tuesday 15 November 2005, by CIDR

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