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4. Participating in the elaboration of public policies and the implementation of sectorial approaches 

4.1. Supporting the institutions in their feedback role on public policies impact

Several macro-economic conditions are required to create a favourable environment for socio-economic development initiatives: economic and political stability; a genuine devolution and decentralisation policy; liberalisation of trade; incentives for economic initiatives; promotion of professional organisations; strengthening of capacities; encouragement for innovations; etc. These are responsibilities of the States. CIDR will support local actors and partner institutions in their feedback role for assessing the impact of these policies upon growth, outreach, viability of socio-economic poverty alleviation initiatives taken by local populations, and upon people livelihood.

4.2. Encouraging institutions to participate in the definition of intermediary public policies

CIDR and the partner institutions will have to engage into a political dialogue with decision-making bodies in order to introduce practitioners’ experience into the definition of public policies. They will have to do it at the right time and at the right level. This could de done through concise and precise thematic notes, presenting analysis of real field situations and stock taking of relevant experiences.

CIDR has often been active in new sectors of activities that have been regulated only to a little extent. It will attract decision makers attention to the consequences of a hasty regulation : discourage innovations; undermine a sector’s dynamism and growth; could be inapplicable for lack of means to ensure its supervision; etc.

4.3. Involving institutions in the implementation of sectorial approaches

A sectorial approach is a mean to rationalise development aid through the elaboration of strategic documents and the co-ordination of donors’ interventions. Sectorial approaches have been largely recognised as useful when it comes to enhance sectorial ministries’ performances. However, central authorities have paid little attention to the position and role of local actors in the implementation of sectorial policies. CIDR will favour operational links between decentralised department of technical ministries, local government and actors and institutions of the civil society operating within the framework of sectorial programmes.

Publié le Tuesday 15 November 2005, by CIDR

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